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"Experiencing golf related lower back pain.  Dr. Ricks did a phenomenal job of analyzing and providing various treatments and exercises that have eliminated the discomfort.   He is extremely patient and takes time to explain not only the how but the why of the treatments.  I highly recommend him for any physical therapy requirements."


"After 6 months of different doctor visits & various forms of treatment, I still had early AM back pain. I then tried dry needle therapy with Andrew.I now am pain free. I strongly recommend him for anyone with orthopedic issues."


"The personal before and after TPI Assessment brought new awareness to my own strengths and weaknesses and what to focus on for best results.  The take-home agenda's you included in each session were a wonderful addition to build on a personal library of exercises for reference and continued at home training. I really appreciate your knowledge and attention to detail and thank you for helping the amateur golfer improve their physical fitness as well as their game."

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